Quantum Fiber Mobile App

Seamless connectivity and a revolutionized user experience, driving increased engagement and satisfaction. The Quantum Fiber team leveraged innovative approaches to enhance every touchpoint, delivering tangible results and setting new benchmarks in the mobile app landscape.

Problem Definition

The Quantum Fiber App faced significant challenges that hindered its potential. Initially, the app was exclusively focused on account management functions, such as subscriptions and billing, neglecting a crucial aspect of user experience - WiFi network management. This oversight led to the requirement of a separate white-labeled app for network management, resulting in a fragmented and confusing user experience. This disjointed approach not only created user confusion but also adversely impacted the app's adoption and retention rates. The consequences of this compartmentalized functionality were evident in the form of poor App Store ratings and a growing sense of frustration among its user base. The challenge, therefore, was not just to address the technical limitations of the app, but also to redefine the user experience to meet the evolving expectations of a tech-savvy customer, ensuring that Quantum Fiber's digital interface was as robust and user-friendly as its internet service.


Research and User Feedback

Comprehensive user studies and competitive analyses were carried out to pinpoint and rank the functionalities customers expect in an ISP mobile app. This exercise included user testing on existing apps to highlight areas of difficulty and gain insights into effective features and potential enhancements.

Key principles identified for a successful ISP app included:

  • A clearly defined value proposition.

  • Functionality addressing user needs.

  • Utilization of mobile device capabilities (e.g., QR code usage).

  • Consistent and reliable app performance with ongoing maintenance.

  • Robust security measures.

  • Efficient support mechanisms for troubleshooting and assistance.

Design and Prototyping

Our UX design approach for the Quantum Fiber App combined the Double Diamond, Lean UX, and Design Sprint methodologies. In the information architecture phase, we merged functionalities of two distinct apps, tackling user and technical challenges. This involved an overhaul of global navigation, guided by in-depth user flow analysis and API integration strategies. For wireframing and prototyping, we employed Figma, enabling us to rapidly iterate designs based on user feedback, in line with Lean UX principles.

In the visual design stage, we adhered to Lumen's Nucleus design system, integrating existing patterns and innovating new components as necessary. This process not only ensured a cohesive interface but also contributed back to the broader design system.

Each step of our process, from conceptualization to execution, was influenced by the structured exploration of the Double Diamond, the iterative nature of Lean UX, and the focused, rapid prototyping of Design Sprints. This multifaceted approach was crucial in delivering a user-centric, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing experience for the Quantum Fiber App.


This project went through many iterations with the goal of raising the Apple App store rating to a 4.0.

Final Design

The scope of this work spanned the last two years and evolved through countless iterations with user testing throughout the process. The final Quantum Fiber app is now a one-stop-shop for our customer providing:

  • Account management

  • Equipment self installation flows

  • Network health checks & speed test improvements

  • Proactive outage alerts

  • Profile creation and management

  • Parental controls

  • Network security

  • Support & Troubleshooting


  • 4.0 rating in the Apple App Store

  • Increased adoption of fiber in multi dwelling units by 50%

  • Create a Saas app that was the main product used by 90% of customers

  • Customer were able to perform 100% of the core tasks in the app.

Let's create something
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© Made with ✌️ 🤟 🤘 by Dennis Warner 2023

Let's create something
wonderful together!


© Made with ✌️ 🤟 🤘 by Dennis Warner 2023